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Our school is centered around 7 Christian values which the children, staff and governors voted on during the summer of 2015.

These are: Compassion, Endurance, Respect, Friendship, Peace, Hope and Forgiveness.

In September 2015 we launched a new 2 year cycle of these values, one per half term, with several other key Christian values interspersed to underpin and enhance the learning through these.  At the end of each half term a 'Wow Worship' (as voted for by the Collective Worship Leaders) has been introduced and this gives the whole school a chance to reflect on our learning together.  

Our display board outside the hall proudly shows our progression and reflects our learning journey throughout each half term.


John Harrison Church of England Primary School enjoys a special church school status and as such, we are closely linked with Holy Trinity Church and it's vicar, Reverand Girtchen.

This means that we appreciate the church message of 'faithful.confident.joyful' from the Diocese of Lincoln and try and strive to incorporate this into all that we do as a school.


From the moment the children join us in the Foundation Stage they are welcomed by a gift of Bible stories kindly bought by the Barrow Rotary Club, and as they leave us in Year 6, they continue life's learning and faith journey with a Good News Bible from the school.  Each year, Reverand Girtchen presents these gifts to our children as both a gift and symbol of guidance.

Bible presentation


Each classroom has a 'Worship Focus' table where artefacts and pictures expand on the theme of each week.  This is supported by a display board.  Children have become more involved in these over the years, so much so, that in some classes the children lead discussions each week on what should be displayed and then take care of this.  The tables have been so popular that in September 2016, each class was given a budget of £20 to purchase new artefacts of their choice.



On October 18th 2016, Year 1 and 2 welcomed Miss Judi Perry from Christian Aid (also the link charity with Holy Trinity Church) for a morning of fun activities.  Miss Perry led the children through some fascinating work discussing big questions like: What is a charity? What is poverty? Why do Christians do the work they do?  The children then created their own African village scene before finding out about why worms are great in Bangladesh!



Did you know the average daily wage in the UK is £68.92 and in Bangladesh it is 72p?

Judy Perry Visitchristian aidChristian AidChristian Aid Village


On Friday 19th May we celebrated our first Christian Values afternoon at John Harrison where we took time to reflect on what makes our values distinctly Christian.  In KS2 the children rotated around the classes, exploring 2 values at a time and having chance to reflect on what it means.  They each completed a cross containing our values and wrote what it means to them. 

KS1 joined together to explore the values together throughout the whole day, creating a wonderful walk through the discussions along the corridor in photos. 

Parents, Governors and Grandparents joined us from 2:30pm for coffee and biscuits in the hall and raised a wonderful £152 for Christian Aid, as well a getting the chance to look at their children's hard work.  Rev. Girtchen and members of Holy Trinity Church also came along as well as Mr Derek Carr from Barton Evangelical Church.   

It was a wonderful opportunity to pause during Christian Aid week and both reflect and live our values, as well as explore and enjoy our special school identity as a church school.


Our worship rota at John Harrison Church of England School follows a varied programme of opportunities for all children and adults to engage with God, if they wish.

Monday is a whole school worship with visitors on occasion. Mr Derek Carr (below) is our newest friend from Barton Evangelical Church who recently delivered a lively worship on 'The Gift of Perfume'. Other visitors include Rev. Girtchen (Holy Trinity Church), Rev Nichola Jones (Barton Trinity Methodist Church),  Angela Kipling (Bishop's Visitor), Martin Vickers (MP) and the Gospel Gang (Holy Trinity Church).

Tuesday is Choral Worship with our Music lead and Wednesday is our classroom 'Working Worship' whereby the theme from Monday is followed through and explored through quiet, classroom reflection activites using pebbles and candlelight to provide atmosphere.

These are shared by the children in 'Spotlight Worships' on the Thursday on a rota basis (formerly Key Stage Worship) so that the theme for the week can be brought together and reinforced once again.  The children enjoy seeing the other classes help prepare these and deliver these to the rest of the Key Stage.

Friday is our chance to all come back together and celebrate our achievements, giving thanks to God with the Lord's Prayer.


Classroom work to explore the Holy Trinity.


in September 2016, we decided to try something new and as such, each class has been allocated a major church service for which they are responsible for planning and delivering.  This has many benefits and allows the children to further explore worship by planning and delivering it themselves.  The children are well used to experiencing a rich diet of worships in school including 'Working Worship' within the classroom and reflective 'Wow' worships.

The timetable is:

Peace by Year 1/2 in school - Friday 21st September 2018

Harvest, by Year 5, in school - Thursday 18th October 2018
Remembrance, by Year 6, at HT Church 10:45am - Friday 9th November 2018
Christmas and Christingle, by Year 4, at HT Church  9:15am - Friday 21st December 2018
Easter, by Year 3, at HT Church 9:15am - Friday 5th April 2019



The Trust Deed of the school is clear that the education provided must be in accordance with the principles of Church of England;  this includes, but is not exclusive to, religious Education and Collective Worship.  As a consequence, it is important that the school must operate within a Christian context where Christian values are promoted and children have the oppportunity to attend Collective Worship and Religious Education lessons.

If a parent wishes to withdraw their child from Collective Worship, this is a separate matter.  Again, should this be the case, the school is obliged to provide supervision for the child during Collective Worship sessions, but should not incur any additional cost in doing so.


Once or twice a term we are lucky enough to have the 'Gospel Gang' from Holy Trinity Church visit our school.  The puppets put on a lively and entertaining show which really engages the children and provides a different medium in which to deliver the gospel messsage.



On Thursday 14th December our wonderful CWL led the Christingle Service for 2017.  A reading from Isaiah 9 was given by Emily, Laura and Ella and Hayden, Ella and Laura told us all about Edward Rudolf of The Childrens Society. 

As the candles were lit, Away in a Manger was sang to beautiful effect before Lydia and Emily led our response prayer.

Very well done Collective Worship Leaders!





At the end of each half term, we reflect on the theme together.  We do this by sharing together in our circle, all of the interesting things we have done during our working worships to extend the theme.

Children know this is a special time to listen and learn from one another. 

Wow Worship


Our Collective Worship Leaders are an important part of the school family and meet regularly to discuss how things have gone and what we can improve.  They are an important voice for all of the children in school. Minutes from all meetings can be located in the staff room.

Collective Worship Leaders

As a lasting gift for the children of John Harrison that leave us this year, after serving as outstanding Collective Worship Leaders, a book and holding cross plus bookmark was presented.

Additionally, Year 6 were presented with a holding cross from the Holy Land to use during worships this year, and which they will take with them as part of our Christian distinctiveness when they move on from JHS


On Wednesday the 20th December at 9:15am, Years 3 and 4 again did an amazing job of leading children, staff, parents, grandparents and clergy alike in a beautiful Christmas service.   From Poppy and Kiera D guiding us through and introducing each particpant, to the traditional Bible readings then the engaging and animated performance poem of the nativity, there was something for everyone.  The Recorder club showed us their increasingly advanced skills before Mrs Brader's glorious choir sang with vigour.  There was still time for Bishop Christopher's poignant letter and a reflection and prayers written by the children before...what else? but the Bethlehem Hand Jive song as performed at the infant nativity.

It's no wonder parents said "I enjoyed the church service very much as it was a wonderful event to conclude our time here at Barrow at John Harrison.  Thank you so much!"

Very well done to all the children of Years 3 and 4 and of course, Miss Carrick and Miss Morrill.  Merry Christmas to all!



As a church school we believe in providing practical opportunites for our children to really understand, engage and experience our core values such as compassion. September 30th 2016 saw the children host our annual Macmillan Coffee morning with many members of the comminity attending and enjoying lots of delicious cakes!



Each Summer we ask the Year 6 children as they leave us what they think about worship split into various sections such as:

Collective Worship should always have prayers. Any comments?

Worship has changed in many ways over the last year. Any comments?

These answers have been collated and can be viewed below.  They help inform our action plan at JHS of how to improve worship, and this is what we continually strive to do


On the 6th of January 2017, Year 1/2 did a tremendous job of designing and delivering the Epiphany service.  They had clearly researched their topic well and could explain that the wise men were not kings at all, and that there were not even 3! They showed us some excellent paintings, shared a class written prayer and read short readings before finishing with a song from the nativity.

All of the school looked super as they paraded again down to Holy Tinity Church in their crowns.  Later that day, the CWL (Collective Worship Leaders) remarked that they thought the new way of each class delivering a service was better because "They expressed it more in their words which were not complicated," said Lydia.

Year 1/2 celebrated with a much deserved 'Epiphany Feast' of honey sandwiches and a gold coin to represent the gifts from the wise men.


Each week, the class responsible for delivering the Key Stage worship or 'Spotlight Worship' fills in the pink book to help us keep track and assess our worship.

Keeping Track


Candlemas Service February 2nd 2018 - Led by Year 1 and 2

Another service, another success! What a wonderful job the children have done again as they clearly told the story of Anna and Simeon greeting the baby Jesus.  Depth was added to the story with super costumes, props and actions that really helped children, parents and all understand the meaning of Candlemas.

Several hymns were sung with enthusiasm including 'This little light of mine' before Year 1 ended with an action prayer.

This was a new service on the Christian calendar for us so very well done Year 1 and 2!

Below is a reading from the gospel to help us reflect:

At this time we remember Simeon and Anna greeting the baby Jesus as he is presented in the Temple. 
And we have these marvellous words of Simeon 

"Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word; for mine eyes have seen thy salvation which thou has prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to thy people Israel." Luke 2:25-32.

In these words, Simeon sort of wraps up the Old Testament. The promised salvation has arrived, the Messiah is here. We can now start looking to the new age. Now for the Jews this is not true, the Jews are still looking for someone else, whilst we as Christians assert that the "Coming One" has come. As Christians we say with Simeon: "Our eyes have seen His salvation." 





On Friday 9th November, Year 6 led a poignant service to commemorate those who died in the conflict 100 years ago.  They took time to tell the stories of the men of Barrow who so bravely gave their lives for our freedom, before reading beautifully written reflective poems.  They followed this with a carefully selected Bible reading from Matthew 5.  Superbly done Year 6.



On Monday 19th November we were lucky enough to be visited twice!  In the morning, the Gospel Gang from Holy Trinity Church told the story of Martin and his dog Petra who were visited by God.  Mr Pullen from the Methodist Chapel also taught us a great way to remember the 3 parts of the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  Can you see how he did this?

Rooted in the rhythms of the church calendar
In order to help children understand the changing of the coloured cloths in church, we have purchased new coloured scarves to drape around our lovely new wicker cross in the hallway.
This will help children see when to change their cloths on the class worship tables and be there for all to see as they pass by.  The Collective Worship Leaders will have the responsibility of changing these.


The fruits of the harvest were once again generously gathered by the children of JHS all in aid of the Methodist Foodbank in Barton.  Year 5 led a joyful worship reading from psalms in the Bible before singing traditional hymns such as ‘Lord Of the Harvest’.  The choir sang two lively contemporary songs beautifully, as Mrs Siddell and Ms Brumpton then accepted the harvest gifts on behalf of the foodbank.  Year 5 shared their classwork on what they had learnt about the reasons for and role of the local foodbank before ending with prayers. 

Another bountiful harvest! 

As one parent put it...
“What a wonderful service and an example of what a church school should be!”
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