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John Harrison CE Primary School is a caring community with high expectations of all. We are deeply committed to each child and, working with parents, carers and the wider community, will enable pupils to realise their full potential.

At John Harrison CE Primary School education is about successful, life-long learners experiencing the joy of discovery, solving problems and being creative. Our school is about developing self-confidence whilst maturing socially and emotionally to become confident, self-motivated individuals who are responsible citizens.

We endeavour to combine high standards with a broad, balanced and rich curriculum; a fusion of excellence and enjoyment. Is is our belief that learners do better when they are challenged, inspired, motivated and engaged; when there is joy in what they are doing.

We work hard to focus on the individual pupils’ needs and abilities of all the children and engage them in the learning process. We will endeavour to give additional support where it is needed most.

By working in partnership with the village, Church and wider community, we strive to provide the children with quality learning experiences.

Our distinctive ethos springs from our close links with the Church and local and wider communities. We provide a family atmosphere throughout the school and we strive to promote Christian values in the caring, stimulating and happy environment.

Being a Church school enriches the children’s education underpinned by spiritual and moral development. It enables them to acquire a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs, including a respect for and understanding of the Christian religion and other people’s religious and moral values and ways of life, set in the context of a multi-faith and multi-cultural society.

Our mission statement is “Success Through Effort” and, as a school, we hope that your partnership with John Harrison CE Primary School will be a happy and productive one. 

                   “Success through effort”

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