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At John Harrison CE Primary School, we believe that computing offers children the opportunity to develop ways of thinking and understanding that empowers them in an ever changing world.  We are committed to enabling all pupils, regardless of background or ability, to achieve their full potential and to be equipped with the skills needed to be successful in their education and beyond.  We recognise that children will have different starting points and different home access to technology but believe that this should not be a barrier to their success.  We will offer children a broad and balanced curriculum which develops their use and understanding of computer-based technology, as well as using technology as a tool for learning.  We will make use of technology to support children of different abilities wherever necessary.  We encourage all members of the school community to develop positive attitudes towards computing.  We aim to ensure that all users know how to stay safe when using digital devices and we put E-safety at the heart of everything we do.  We will offer children a range of digital devices, areas of study and opportunities to put their learning into context.
Whilst embracing the positive aspects of the digital world, we also recognise that there are risks. We strive to educate the children on the potential dangers and how they can keep themselves safe. We believe that it is essential to work closely with parents and employ many different ways to engage with them.

The E-safety lead is Mrs Crowther. Please contact her if you have any concerns or questions.




CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre)


Internet Watch Foundation - report inappropriate Web sites www.iwf.org.uk



Parents Guide on Internet usage


Internet Matters – helping parents keep their children safe online





As part of our e-safety education, we would like to remind parents that computer games have PEGI age ratings.

These are for the safety and protection of your children and relate to the suitability of the game content, not the difficulty of play.

If you would like further support or information about this please visit www.askaboutgames.com or ask in school.

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