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Good attendance is essential if pupils are to take full advantage of school and gain the appropriate skills, which will equip them for life.  It remains a fundamental prerequisite of an effective school.
At John Harrison we aim to maximise our attendance rates by operating an attendance policy within which Governors, Staff, Pupils, Parents and the Education Welfare Service can work together in a fruitful partnership.  The school will monitor attendance and ensure that there is early intervention if a problem is identified, so that appropriate support can be given by those concerned.

As with good behaviour and academic success, regular attendance will be seen as an achievement in its own right and recognised as such by the school.  The attendance policy is based upon the premise of equal opportunities for all within the school community, so there is every chance for all to benefit from it, regardless of the differences that may exist between pupils.

Attendance grading at last Ofsted – Good.


In September 2013 there was an amendment to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 which prohibited the Head Teacher of a school granting leave of absence for a pupil except where an application is made in advance and the Head Teacher considers there are exceptional circumstances relating to the request.  If a Head Teacher authorises a leave of absence request, it will be his/her decision to determine the length of time that the child can be away from school.

Should you wish to make a request, which must be made prior to the proposed leave: please complete an application, proving any additional evidence in support of the exceptional circumstances, together with details of why the leave cannot be taken during any school holiday.  Each request will be considered based on the information provided. 

Leave of absence is not an entitlement and will not be granted for the sole purpose of a family holiday.

If a leave of absence has not been authorised by the Head Teacher, the information will be submitted to the Education Inclusion Service who may issue a Penalty Notice or take legal intervention if there are 10 or more consecutive or non-consecutive unauthorised absence sessions (5 days).

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